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and then we talk about some cars, ford, chrysler, gm, strong sales numbers for the month of january, more to come with gas going up and speaking of not losers but winners, here is some from the s&p. dagen: bottom of the hour. stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole: the drug index is higher. when you take a look at rite aid and merck. rite aid has been higher today. it announced it has begun a series of debt financing transactions. this is certainly something that is very important for rite aid. here we are at merck. merck is down 2.8%. they have actually delayed plans to seek regulatory approval for an experimental osteoporosis treatment. those are two names related to drugs. of course, the vix, the fear index has pulled back. there are plenty of green arrows across the board. connell: thank you, nicole. the debt crisis in this country that you hear so much about may not be as dire as we originally thought. we are joined by a chief economist now. a big headline in the los angeles time this morning that u.s. debt worries are not so dire. i am sure we could dial up a guest in a heartbeat t
truck. i have the ford f-150 trucks. this is all about trucks, liz, at this show. more trucks than anywhere else. take a look at the sales, though, in january. if you look at truck sales, as i run, maybe as you take a look at those pictures, the truck sales in january showed the dominance of the ford f series. but this tundra, the tundra was really at the bottom, and take a look, this is the tundra here that actually towed the space shuttle, famously through the streets. liz: oh, yeah. jeff: remember that? liz: yeah. jeff: now they have a new tundra, the 2014 tundra. i had to run all the way because if you want to show all those trucks, you have come to running all the way. i'm over here, bob. speaking of bob -- liz: you run so fast, you lost bob. jeff: we made it. great to see you. >> good seeing you. jeff: you're proud of this truck? >> i am. brand new 2014 tundra that we're going to put into production this summer and will be introduced later on this fall. jeff: the reason i'm out of breath is i wanted to show the truck of the year, the ram, the f series, this is all your compet
%. same thing for ford. i think they are 41%. part of the reason for this is the positive sales numbers that we have had. take a look at where they are right now. keep in mind, january is usually a slow month. that is why you should even be more bullish on stocks. gm up 16%. chrysler up 16%. here is why you should continue to be polish on auto stocks. this is the amount of money that automakers put on the hood to try to get you to buy. honda's incentive spending down 27%. toyota is down 14%. that means that even though they are spending less to incense you, you compare it to the auto sales numbers in january, it did not matter. trucks, for example, did very well this month. that is an indication, you know, they had big incentives in december, if they buy them in january it is because they need them. all very bullish news from the auto sector. melissa: that is great. jeff flock, thank you so much. is your piggy bank going hungry? the percentage of americans that have nothing saved. lori: can you give it away? it seems as though war gets wound down in afghanistan, it begins in washington.
the big ford and other vehicles at the top of the list, people complain a lot about gasoline that is not necessarily driving behavioral changes. dagen: great to talk to as always, take care of yourself. connell: let's go back to nicole, what is moving? nicole: as you watch the market you start to see we have accelerated selling, right now we are down 134 points on the dow jones industrial average with a majority of those names in the red. a couple trying to squeeze out games such as american express, and owing. you have economic data which has been weak. the drug stocks, retailer, although her. transport, oil service index all to the downside and the dollar is higher. the fear index, couple of movers. look at apple on this same day you have david einhorn tried to unleash more shareholder value making it very known in a filing with the sec doesn't have a percent right now. quickly, devry seen enrollment, good numbers from them and over 20% gain for this education company taking a whol the wholep up with it. back to you. connell: thanks. dagen: nascar team owner and broadcaster
here. now, this is going to compete with ford's version of this as well as the sprinters. >> that's correct. ford has a transit version, and daimler has a sprinter version -- >> reporter: used to sell, ironically. >> this is our version. and something important to know is that this ducato, which is now a promaster, dominates in the european market with over 4.5 million sold, and this is already the third generation of this ducato product. so we feel very confident we have a winner. >> reporter: i've got to jump off the stage here and, fred, follow me down, if you would, because we just had the unveil of the toyota tundra which is a competitor of yours, truck of the year. this is your ram truck of the year, right? >> yes, it is. that is our ram truck of year. we're very honored. >> reporter: you ready for the competition? >> we're ready. we think we've done a lot to this truck. we've got truck of texas under our belt, the motor trend truck of the year and, of course, the north american truck of the year. so those are the biggest and most prestigious awards, and we're very honored a
not do well but sales for january were up 22%, the best since 2006, the ford fusion, the ford escape posted record january sales and you know that the truck always does well. charles: i am looking at a truck myself. time to put standard and poor's on fantasy island. and the housing boom, they go back because california, the rating agency saying the raising taxes is going to help fix the state's budget and upgraded at state's that level. we are talking all the companies and all the people that believe in that state because of higher taxes, overregulation, use of hot water phil mickelson got into, we should back out the state is still, there is still out -- there's a state worse than that and that is illinois. we will talk about that in the next hour. we love hearing from you particularly today, and -- send your e-mail to we will read the money as they come in. seven early mover is. i want to start with sierra, beat the estimates top and bottom line, stop looking good today, $6.60 one cents in august of 2000, 26,000 shares, my every to be upset. home builder rev
, we might have hit an unemployment rate of 16, 17%. that's pretty horrible. lori: select ford tough reading your books in detail, not just the. >> demanded before our interview. once again, after the music stops. lori: democratic senators are saying they're optimistic about passing bipartisan immigration reform put up by the so-called gang of eight. democrats have made some of the empress and the issue. >> committed to getting this bipartisan issue that we now have before us over the finish line. >> never felt more positive about the prospects of real emigration from and that yesterday. >> wrigley the senate will deal to pass bipartisan legislation by the late spring or summer. that would give the house and the time to take up legislation and pass a bill before the end of 2013. lori: democrats also pledged to take the bill through regular order, allowing others to weigh and during committee and floor amendments. the 2007 emigration overall effort did not follow regular order, effective as some second treated to its failure. the old adage is never brand after a gunfight, but the depa
thought they would sell 20,000 of the knees on the if but they sold 10,000 but ford sold 60,000 of the f-series pickup they sold more pickups in six days than nissan sold in one year. [laughter] gerri: the president wanted to put those cars on the road but no such luck. but now you are writing about wind energy? >> last week "wall street journal" i talked about fish and wildlife service is charged with protecting america's wildlife, is contemplating giving a permit to allow a project in minnesota to kill all the goals. gerri: what are you talking about? >> nor can hunters it is a fine of a quarter of million dollars, it is a national symbol, the great seal since '72 but fish and wildlife service under direction has not prosecuted though we in the industry one time all they estimate 400,000 birds are being killed and nine golden eagles have been killed in sort -- southern california. gerri: this seems crazy. if i cannot kill one neither should the wind industry. >> exactly. in this case the interior department has created a favored class of energy producers. the ada to give a permit to ki
of public companies, you had things like they wanted to change the permitting aspect to fast ford projects, they had 14 projects they are fast forwarding, the second was business lending, small businesses, one stop shopping. the other thing that fox would like, whole idea of start up america, and jobs act, jump-start our business start ups, that is getting crowd funding going and getting money ta entrepreneurs. there were some new ideas and wins. charles: what do you make of the idea, speaking of small businesses and entrepreneurs, the rapid decline of entrepreneurship, de despite wht you did in the council. did you feel it is alarming to you, for me, this is a red flag and more and more americans are shin -- shying away from starting a business. >> it is very disappointing, entrepreneurship is what drove the last 20 years of this country, whether you look at apple and google and twitter, but qualaccess is very difficult -- capital access is very difficult. also the regulation, is very difficult, so they had to take down some of those barriers. i think this is an important step. but it is
. it is a 2009 ford f-150 super group which according to kelley blue book is only worth 30,000. he sure did find the passenger side air bag panel for the new owner which was nice. would you pay this much for a truck? it is a nice truck. >> a little fuzzy math. does the truck actually come with the president? to see drive you around? also, the airbag panelbeing signed, that's kind of weird. [laughter] >> you know what, they raised a ton of money. this foundation is fabulous there the ones who bought the truck, and they provide housing for military famil members when their loved ones are in the hospital so that they can stay nearby. melissa: so you would have to pay that for the truck. >> even more. melissa: really? i'm impressed. moving on, have you heard about the scandal? former nfl quarterback father love child with a production assistant back in 2005. today we learned you did not tell anyone except his wife. keeping the affair and the millions and pay out money in secret from the cbs sports boss, even his agent to he has worked with for more than 30 years. even the cbs just won the bid yester
and can't ford the sophisticated tracking equipment that we can. this is the technological assistance we can provide. melissa: same thing, though, where we try to enter, you know, a conflict, there's a conflict going on with yemen, and iran chose a side. as we try to choose a side, you never know who you are dealing with, though. >> right. we know the government says they want to do the right thing by all of its people. it's trying to be more democratic and less corrupt, more effective, and i think the united states is backing it, and it's very hard bet because yemen is a very unstable country. melissa: at the same time, i read reports in the "new york times" for example saying things in iran are not as tough as we think it is, that sanctions are not having a huge impact, and the people are not as poor as it seems. do you believe the reports? >> i think the sanctions are cutting the iranians, the big question for me that i really doubt, i do not think that the sanctions, however, severe, are going to lead the iranian leadership to change their mind about developing nuclear weapons p. i d
: it is not the major. you like amazon and other stocks. we'll have you back to talk about those. david fording, william blair growth fund manager. congratlations -- on your success. liz: weill we've been talking, charlie gasparino is on the phone. he reports a buyout of dell could be reported this week with microsoft getting a $2 billion piece of it. is it good for microsoft and its investors? up next an analyst, what he says about that. find out what is behind his call on this. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries wldwide. fedex. [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries wldwide. but that doesn't
: like when you have been driving a ford pinto, even the crappy thing is a huge improvement. connell: let's go to nicole. nicole: happy ninth birthday to facebook. let's take a look at zynga. some positive comments from bank of america. it is up 5.8% right now. kellogg, the cereal company, all-time highs today. est√Če lauder, the customer spending quite freely. green mountain coffee roasters touching a nine-month high. it finally closes that gap. we are back to where we started. back to you. connell: people with a certain level. giving the boot to tax heavy states like california and others. you have some financial firms leaving wall street with a business shortage. we have jonathan williams with us from washington, d.c. a good article related to this in the "wall street journal" today. they highlight the governor of kansas. basically making a bet, lower taxes, less government, people will want to come and live and do business in kansas. >> that is a bet i would be willing to take. the evidence is so strong from the states that do not have an income tax. also, if you just look at the stat
million people almost receiving disability payments from the the feds and ford, another number for you, 192, that's 192 straight months that the number of people on disability has gone up, that's almost 60 straight years, straight up. and let's bring in star parker, she's the president of cure. star, you're what used to be called a welfare queen. you reformed. now, here is my question for you this morning. are some people playing the system? claiming disabilities that are hard to catch, like depression? i don't want to be harsh and blame the victims, but i want at the truth here. tell me. >> the truth is the problem with our disability insurance program it's administered by the social security administration so you have the manipulators in washington moving around decimal numbers and next thing you know they're flush with cash because of the payroll taxes and it's a federal program so the states cannot regulate. what begins to happen, within the states you have all of these welfare mentality, call them entitlement mentality folks and look at welfare, disability and count the costs and
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)